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custom monogram collapsible steel firepit cargo carrier
Custom monogram Collapsible steel firepit cargo carrier

StorFlat CarGo Collapsible Fire Pit Cargo Holder With Monogram

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The StorFlat CarGo Custom Collapsible Steel Portable Fire Pit Cargo Holder. Use anywhere as a small firepit, as a grill or store and carry stuff in your trunk, pickup bed or minivan. Perfect for camping, at the races, at the kids ballgames and anywhere you like to have a campfire that needs to be contained and safe. When you're done, let it cool, wipe it off, knock it down to a flat 5 pieces with easy to carry integral handles. Or, set it in the back of the car or truck to hold your gear or groceries. Precision cut from heavy duty steel. No paper thin cheap stuff here. Inside dimensions 23x15x9 tall. Available plain, with Monogram letters on both ends or contact us for other custom options and sizes. Standard is bare steel. Approx. weight 40 pounds. Ships and stores flat!